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Solar PV Program for Commercial & Industry Sites

Thanks to the Supply Agreement Renewable Energy (SARE) program initiated by the Government of Malaysia in 2019, Ecodwell Ventures with its panel of Registered Photo-Voltaic Investors (RPVI) is making it feasible for participating Site Owners to “Go Green at Zero Cost” and to enjoy savings on their regular electric bills.

The Road to Zero Cost Solar PV

Our Malaysian Government is committed to reducing carbon emissions and mitigate global warming, and have introduced programs to intensify efforts on renewable energy including the installation of Solar PV System to generate clean energy from the sun.

In 2018, Malaysia announced that it had set a target of 20% Renewable Energy in its generation mix by 2025. Recently in June 2021, this target has been increased to 31%.

To achieve this, one of the measures was a program under the Energy Commission (ST) of Malaysia and Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) introduced in 2019  that encourages and incentivizes private Investors to pursue Solar PV installations on rooftops of commercial, industrial, agricultural and government premises, making it feasible for participating Site Owners to “Go Green at Zero Cost” and to enjoy savings on their regular TNB bills.


How it works for site owners.

As owner or tenant of a site, you enter into an agreement to purchase the solar electricity produced by the system owned by the Solar Investor at a predetermined rate per kilowatt-hour, the same unit of measurement on your standard Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) bill.

A well-structured program allows you to reduce electricity costs immediately, over the duration of the contract.

Your site essentially has little risk as you are merely buying energy from the Investor/Asset Owner at a rate less than what you would normally pay TNB. In addition, you are not generally responsible for maintenance, other than ensuring that there are no damages caused by them.

Essentially, you now have a second electricity supplier at a lower rate, while contributing to your sustainability objectives.


Benefits to Qualified Sites

No upfront capital outlay.
No monthly maintenance fee.
Hassle-free payment through integrated TNB bill.
Safe government-endorsed program.
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Electricity Savings via
• lower solar tariff
• MD savings
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No system performance or operating risk.
Increase real estate value.
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Demonstrable environmental commitment.

Program Stages

Stage 1: Qualification

Interested Site submits

  • recent TNB Electricity Bills

  • proof of ownership or permission from site owner

  • •letter of intent to participate in SARE program

EDV submits

  • Preliminary Site Audit

  • Savings Calculations

STAGE 2: Negotiation
  • Appointed RPVSP inspects site, verifies earlier estimates.

  • Investor obtains required approvals and permits.

  • Site Owner and Investor upon mutual consent signs Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and SARE agreements.

STAGE 3: Implementation


  • Appointed RPVSP installs solar PV system


  • TNB collects integrated payment for regular and new solar PV supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To find out more about the ZERO COST SOLAR PV PROGRAM, view our FAQ page, or download this handy FAQ sheet.